Wheel to Wheel (Onsite Refueling)

Wheel to Wheel (Onsite Refueling)

The Problem

When a driver fills up at the station. It takes a lot of time (wasted time) for that driver or any other employee to go to fill the truck or equipment with fuel. When they do so, the cost of paying that employee to stand there is an added cost to the price of the fuel. And if the truck had to drive to a station or go out of its way for fueling, that's an added cost too! Any time spent fueling instead of working is lost productivity and an added cost a company. At Canada Clean Fuels, we worry about your fuel so you can focus on your business. 


By utilizing Canada Clean Fuels' services and having us provide direct fleet fueling, you can reduce overall costs and improve the bottom line. By streamlining that portion of business, we can fill many trucks much cheaper and more effectively than a company's drivers can do themselves.

Our wheel to wheel onsite refueling is flexible, safe and efficient, so our drivers are in and out without affecting your operations.