The future of fueling your business is here. Are you ready for it?

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We proudly provide bulk diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline and propane delivery to a variety of agricultural companies. To the highest of standards, we maintain a wide range of bulk tank and dispenser equipment to save your operation from the related budget costs they impose. All of our products meet rigid off-highway OEM specifications. With safety being our first priority, our equipment operates safely in all climates, providing your company with an endless number of benefits that will support your bottom line.


Our experienced fuel management experts will analyze the needs of your mining operation and create a customized, safe and efficient fueling plan. Available 24/7, we can deliver fuel directly to your equipment, generators or bulk tanks. Our specialized services will help you maximize productivity while minimizing fuel costs. We can even refuel your equipment after hours or during periods of downtime to maximize your overall productivity. We follow all ISO-based safety standards.


Our fuel management experts efficiently and safely refuel construction equipment, saving you time while preventing the inconvenience of equipment downtime. We track fuel consumption by job site, project or individual equipment which will bring clarity to your budget forecasting. We provide excellence by removing the time and costs associated with environmental spills, not to mention stressful regulatory compliance issues that go along with them. We can also help you reduce the costs and lost time associated with managing your own fuel trucks, including labor (driver recruitment, training and management), vehicle repairs, maintenance, insurance, and compliance regulation implementation. We always adhere to the most rigorous safety standards.


We know it’s difficult to rely on drivers to refuel trucks at the end of their shift. The morning rush to replenish fuel can be costly as it delays deliveries, affects efficiency and increases overtime. This can impact your service capabilities and company reputation. Drivers need to drive to the refueling station, deal with line ups and then get back on route. We can eliminate all of these barriers to business flow while helping you track your fleet’s fuel consumption with our specialized data driven technology and by monitoring and managing your fuel in real time.


We are pleased to provide bulk diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline and propane fuel delivery to a range of companies within the forestry industry. We operate bulk tank and dispenser equipment that operate in all climates and meet the highest safety standards and regulations. We can provide your operation with conveniently-located commercial card operated Network locations to efficiently manage your fuel needs. All of our products meet the strictest off-highway OEM specifications.


We provide a wide range of aviation operations with all of their fuel needs, from private pilots to large global airlines. We distribute fuel directly to airports, as well as private customers such as flying clubs and corporate jet operators. We create value and business profitability through the safe and efficient supply of the highest quality fuels. As with every industry we work with, we follow the most rigorous safety standards and regulations.


Delivering fuel safely and efficiently 24/7, we work with some of the country’s largest rail companies to provide direct-to-locomotive (DTL) refueling and bulk fuel delivery. We load fuel directly into the tanks of onsite equipment to help maximize productivity. Using our advanced technology, our experienced operations team can analyze your fuel requirements and customize the most efficient fueling program for your operation. Our technology allows our clients to be properly supplied with fuel at all times. This helps maximize productivity while minimizing fuel costs. As safety and excellence are our top priorities, our team has specialized rail safety training and we adhere to strict national safety standards.


With extensive expertise in boat fuel delivery on the water, we work with corporations in the marine industry. We proudly service a wide range of marine applications to help maximize your operation’s corporate productivity. Direct refueling will save your company from the costs of refueling at a marina. Our safe and efficient services make it easier for you to get the fuel you require for tug boats, fishing boats, tour and pleasure boats and other types of marine equipment. Our experienced team of experts can customize a fueling solution for your operation. Our services are available 24/7, day or night, so you can always get the fuel you need.

Retail Stations

We have been providing efficient fuel distribution services to retail fuel stations for a number of years. Our technology capabilities and fuel delivery expertise means you can stop worrying about running out of fuel at your operation and avoid the costs involved in downtime. We provide our fuel distribution services to all types of service stations, convenience stores and dealers across Canada. We strive to provide an exemplary level of customer care and satisfaction while consistently upholding the most rigorous safety standards.

Power Generation

If your operation has been relying on generators, then you know first-hand how difficult refueling can be with respect to the time it takes to refuel, keep equipment running steadily and the added stress of dealing with inclement weather. Following the highest safety standards, we deliver diesel, bio-diesel, propane and gasoline to refuel your equipment. We work directly with construction, mining and oil and gas sites, as well as offices and condos to keep your operation running efficiently while avoiding downtime. We can also keep your equipment fueled and running when you are without a power source. We provide reliable, safe and efficient generator refueling for the following industries:
  • Electrical & Mechanical Contracting
  • Food Service
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications and Utilities